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Hardcore Hunter gives a very clear and accurate image of what it takes to become a successful New Business salesperson. It’s the only book you need to read if you’re in sales."
Erik ten Bruggencate, Country manager Benelux Workday

As a sales hunter this is the only book you’ll ever need to buy. It tells you everything you want to know – and it really does work!"
Maarten Baltussen, VP Sales ICRON

Hardcore Hunter: The secret of selling
It’s odd that no book has been written that contains all the elements of professional selling and that focuses only on getting in new and valuable customers. Until now! Hardcore Hunter explains in clear language, quickly, effectively and step by step how to do just that. And it’s a fantastic looking book too. This book will make your dreams come true.

Michael van Wier, has been a successful seller of software for such companies as KANA, SAP, Oracle and Red Hat for over 18 years and currently is a software salesman for technology company SIG.

Reactions from readers

Easy to read, inspiring, complete and so recognisable. The complete new business sales process from A to Z with telling examples and practical tips. It is a must read for salespeople who want to develop from 'just good salespeople' into top salespeople.

Bert Grootjen, Managing Director Benelux - Thyssenkrupp Home Solutions

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Hardcore Hunter is a highly valuable book. Informative. Hands-on. Complete. I wish I had read it at the start of my career; it would have saved me a lot of time – and money. Hardcore Hunter describes a 'way of living'. An absolute must!

Menno Lammers, Founder - PropTechNL

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Core values, attitude & behaviour, added value and dilemmas are the key elements of the search for the ‘holy grail’ of the sales profession. It answers the questions: ‘What works well, what doesn’t, and why? 

Tim Waijers, Salesmanager - GoDataDriven

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A lot of sales books, courses and training sessions quickly get bogged down in American techniques that don’t always work. Hardcore Hunter is different! It touches on everything that’s important in the sales profession to welcome new clients, but mostly it gets you to think about who you are and how you can become a successful hunter in the world of sales.

Vincent de Heer, Regional Sales Manager Cloud Security - McAfeex 

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The 26 characteristics of a hardcore Hunter covers the real core of selling, human centred, how to inspire others, keep on innovating and adapting to any situation. NB! Check your spam box

‘Michael has condensed his 7,000 days of sales experience into a book filled with practical tips and insights. His book is a ‘must’ for new business salespeople!'

Patrick Speijers, CEO RobinHQ


I’ve always taken a semi-scientific approach to the sales profession, so for 15 years I kept a logbook with all the lessons I learned. Now it’s time for me to share that knowledge. I was also always looking for that one magical book that would tell me all I needed to know: I never found it. 

Whole libraries have been written about the sales profession, but the content is often padded out to give the book the 200 pages needed to get it published. That annoys me intensely, because all too often only about 5% of the book is of any interest. A waste of my time and money! Hardcore Hunter is the result of 5 years of writing, intensive research and experimenting. Save yourself time and money, and become successful a lot faster.

Save 15,000 on books and training courses, and become a successful Hunter within 3 years!

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Hardcore Hunter shows:

  • Who you are as a person
  • How you show the right behaviour
  • What you need for success
  • How to stay successful
  • How you can achieve all your dreams
  • How to get only valuable clients
  • How you can welcome even more clients by being efficient and effective
  • Who you are as a person
  • How you show the right behaviour
  • What you need for success
  • How to stay successful
  • How you can achieve all your dreams
  • How to get only valuable clients
  • How you can welcome even more clients by being efficient and effective

  Save 15,000 on books and training course

Become successful within 3 years, and save yourself 15 year 

‘All the facets of the sales process are described in detail, with many handy – and above all surprising – tips. Hardcore Hunter is a ‘must’ for every salesperson who wants to excel in the profession!’

Cees Zwezerijn, CEO CXPerts &

What others have to say about Hardcore Hunter

'The book looks good: bound, high-quality paper, layout, illustrations, very professional! I enjoyed reading it. It’s a great book for New Business B2B sales people who want to learn how success in business is a combination of the right methods and hard work. The layout is logical and the content complete.' 

Caspar Joustra, former SVP EMEA - SAP

'This book is for everyone who wants to become a truly professional Sales Hunter. It has tips that you secretly already knew, but had forgotten to use in practice. As a salesperson, this is the only book you need to buy. It deals with absolutely everything you want to know – and it really does work! It’s the book I recommend to my own team.'

Maarten Baltussen, VP Sales - ICRON

'This book is a ‘must’ for anyone who wants to excel in sales. It’s a great book for salespeople whose focus is on new clients and who want to professionalize their skills. “Hardcore Hunter” has a logical structure and is written in clear language. In short, if you want to be successful in sales, it’s the book you need to read.'

Robert Versteeg, CEO DecoDaylight

'This book combines practical tips, strategies and insights for New Business salespeople. The definition of “Hardcore” particularly appeals to me. A sincere interest in people and a genuine desire to help will bring you success in the short and the long term. It’s highly recommended.'

Christian Schelhaas, Strategic Sales Director - Pega Systems

'This book describes experiences and a vision in a highly practical way. It’s a well written and superb book! It’s for every salesperson who wants to develop into someone who really knows how to convince new clients. It’s a must read. I put it on the compulsory reading list for my business developers!'

Rene van Veen, CCO | Directeur Sales & Marketing - Inergy

'This is required reading for the new business sales professional. What makes it so good is that it isn’t just another reworking of someone else's methods. It’s a mirror that makes you aware of your good (and bad) points and shows you how to perform better based on your own unique authenticity. A very readable book full of positivity, interesting anecdotes, inspirational quotes and real-life practical examples.'

Ronald van der Kraan, Lead Account Manager - Oracle

'I was pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on the book “Hardcore Hunter”. Surprised by the beautiful design and good content, but above all surprised by the practical usability. This book is a manual for any New Names sales, or 'Hunter'. 

Raymond Schröder, MD -  Successfactors Netherlands

'Recommended! There are not many sales books that give a realistic picture of new business sales. The author manages to convey this beautifully in this book with practical tips, catchy examples and in clear language. Whether you are just starting out in a sales role or have been working in it for years, this is a must read!.'

Luuk Leunissen, CX Strategy & Development Manager - Oracle 

'Whatever your experience, this is a book that every salesperson should read. It will teach you not only about the sales profession, but also about yourself - a combination that’s often overlooked. New business (Hunting) is a highly specialized profession. Hardcore Hunter will give you the techniques you need, showing you how to understand your client and yourself. This book is a “must” for every salesperson to have in his sales kit!'

Teun Marissen, Global Account Manager - Red Hat

'As a CFO, I’m passionate about people and numbers. Two different disciplines that come together: Finance and Sales. Every day I get cold calls from salespeople wanting to make an appointment. In this book you’ll find numerous tips that can be applied in any profession. It will help you “find your true self” and will give you a structured working method. It’s an easy read and for people (like me) whose interests are cross-functional, I highly recommend it.'

Glenn Dedecker, CFO - Plasticon Composites

'Excellent, practical explanation of the complete new business sales track. Not just another book of theories and models, but written from his own practical experience and vision. In the time that he worked for us, Michael always kept notes of the things he experienced and also of the things we thought up together about how to become more effective and successful in sales. It’s great to read that that experience has now come together in this book. I highly recommend it to every hunter!'

Wilco Rietberg, Founder & CEO - Trinicom

'The strength of Hardcore Hunter is that it offers salespeople an comprehensive and practical set of guidelines. It deals with both the sales process and all the nuts and bolts around it. It’s easy to read, it’s compact, it contains all you need to know and it has a good balance between tried-and-tested techniques from various best sellers and personal experiences and tips from the author. An excellent book that every salesperson should read and read again to keep themselves on their toes.'

Michel Scheidt, Founder - Improvers

'At last… a sales book that gives me tips and tricks I can apply straight away in my own situation. It’s really neat how “personal development” is combined with sales, which, having read the book, I can’t imagine could be done any other way. Almost every page has an interesting quote, image or insight, which makes it totally worth reading. I can’t recommend it enough!'

Uri Vergouw, Founder & Owner - NO RESISTANCE

'The beauty of this book is that I recognise Michael in it: pragmatic, focus, structure, hard work, tenacity and core values. These are the characteristics of a salesperson, but especially a Hunter. I speak to many salespeople who 'aspire' to be Hunters. I can now advise them to buy this easy-to-read book, to make themselves vulnerable and to be open to Michael's tips and tricks and apply them in their daily sales practice.'

Sandy Nagelkerken, Headhunter and Owner - InSearch


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Michael van Wier


The secret of selling



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